A-Day: Football and Fanaticism in Alabama

At 11am some will have begun their tailgating for the A-day game. When I wake it is nearly 11 and I am immediately struck with the confused and somnolent panic of one who thinks they may have ruined their day by beginning it too late. Alex, an MBA student from Dallas who is my main […]

The Capitol

It is a sprightly bright Thursday as I walk from my hostel on 11th and W toward the capital city’s undoubted centre, the misleadingly titled National Mall. There are numerous cranes visible over the city as I wander in and the talkative Texan that drove me down from Philadelphia told me that this is unfailingly […]

The Freedom Trail – How does that FREEDOM taste?

 The Freedom Trail is the most wide-ranging of the many examples of Boston’s pride and devotion to its own historical significance; a 16 stop walking tour to demonstrate the cities role in American liberation from British rule. The trail is marked largely by a neat, thin, two brick line that runs unobtrusively through the city’s […]